A comment from James Sieckmann…


“I’m honored to be working in conjunction with Matthew Tipper. I’ve seen first hand his intelligence, great communication skills, and dedication to his students. He knows my beliefs on performance thoroughly and it is exciting that he will be carrying these proven concepts forward throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. I expect many great things ahead for him and his students.”

Adrian Meronk


No matter what your level of golf and no matter what your dreams are, Matthew will work with you to create a plan for your development and help you become the golfer you wish to be.

Polands 1st European Tour Member

Dr, Kimi Sato


“I have known and worked with 100s of golf coaches in the world. Coach Matthew Tipper is by far the best golf coach I know. From a fitness standpoint, he knows that appropriate function of body is the one that allows you to swing the way you want.

ETSU Olympic Training Site, High Performance Coach

Bevis Moynan


Matthew is more than just a golf coach, he is one of those few people whom you can describe as inspirational, his own unique journey has led him to not only become an incredible golf coach, but also an inspiration beyond the world of golf.

Amateur Golfer – HCP 5


I‘ve been working with Matthew for 8 years now and when we meet I was a Junior Golfer with a dream of becoming one of the best golfers in the world. Coming from Poland a country not really associated with golf, Matthew gave me the confidence that anything was possible and we set about a plan to help me realize my dreams and ambitions.

Our first goal was to spend 4 years in the USA at East Tennessee State University to expose me to competitive golf on a weekly basis against the best amateurs in the world. In that time I went from 1200 in the WAGR rankings to Number 8, winning 5 times, 2 time Palmer Cup Team Member, NCAA All American and numerous top 10 finishes.

On completing University I turned professional and was given the opportunity to play 7 Challenge Tour events in 2017, where through these tournaments I gained further exemptions resulting in my 30th place finish on the Order of Merit, securing my playing rights for the Challenge Tour and becoming the very first Polish player to also become a member of the European Tour.

Ive heard many describe Matthew as a teacher but I can assure you he is not, he is a Coach and his philosophy of making players accountable for understanding their own games and mistakes is one of his best qualities that has helped me over time. In the 8 years that we have worked together he has never once given me the answer to my question but instead helps me analyse whats happened, gain an understanding and then apply the solution. Its for this reason I am able to self analyse with simple drills and exercises when I am away on tour.

Once the technical aspects are understood, he then places a huge importance on skill development and random practice to simulate on course and tournament situations.

Matthew believes in setting short, medium and long terms dreams and to fully appreciate the skills that he brings when you work with him the long term approach is the best way. He is an holistic coach and brings many different skills learnt from his experiences from all over the world to his coaching most of which I use on a daily basis.

As an extensive reader, he never stops learning in order to allow myself and other players who seek his coaching the best and most up to date information available and where necessary, will bring experts from different back grounds to further help players progress.

No matter what your level of golf and no matter what your dreams are, Matthew will work with you to create a plan for your development and help you become the golfer you wish to be.

Adrian Meronk – Polands 1st European Tour Member



Matthew, who originates from Porthcawl, South Wales first started golf at the age of 10. Growing up playing golf at the prestigious Pyle and Kenfig Golf Links he quickly gained a passion for the game of golf. Playing at Pyle and Kenfig Golf Links it was imperative that he developed a solid short game to be able to play the many different shots that Links golf throws at a player.